Throwback Thursday: Jillian & Bryan, September 2013

I married my husband Bryan in September of 2013.  We planned on a ceremony in Italy.  A few months and a number of logistical headaches later, what was going to be our engagement party [at my uncle’s house in the Catskills] had turned into our wedding.

With five months to go*, my mom and I scrambled to find the right “wedding” vendors.  When it came to the flowers, we had meeting after meeting.  It’s no secret to anyone who has met me that I am a perfectionist.  And a control freak.  And I’m 99.9% sure that I have good taste. 

(*that’s the caveat here – I’m sure there are some great vendors I didn’t meet with, because they were already booked up!)

I was struck by a few things.  Why does everything look the same?  Why is this so expensive?  Seeing as it’s so expensive, why isn’t it perfect?  

The only thing I hate more than cookie-cutter is poor quality.  I saw my share of both.  

Shortly after my wedding, year after year, I became the 'go-to' DIY florist for many of my friend's weddings and events. 4 years after my wedding, I decided to join forces with Jess and do it for real. Her organization and planning together with my design skills is lethal and we are so excited to be building our wedding empire together!